I’m Holly Hickman, a veteran national science, space, health, food and wellness reporter. I’ve interviewed Apollo astronauts, top-level economists from the OECD, scientists on the cutting edge of brain mapping, leading public health experts, and some downright inspiring farmers and chefs.

I’m an expert at translating complex ideas for the general public. I’m also skilled at tailoring the tone and voice of a piece to suit the audience, whether those readers be Economist subscribers, silver investors, data geeks, or moms looking for healthy food.

I’m a former national radio correspondent, Associated Press newswoman and TV news writer.

My work has been published by The Washington Post, The Economist Group, Latina Magazine, Fox News, CBS.com and a host of other major media groups. Smaller ones, too. Getting great ideas out there makes me happy, no matter the venue.

In recent years, I’ve been teasing out skills in marketing, creating successful multimedia projects for private clients. I holds two degree from Columbia University and can write anything from highly technical white papers to recipes, and my video team includes a gifted animator. In short, my work means business.


Why work with me?

I’m glad you asked! For one thing, you’d be in good company. Click here to find out whom I’ve helped… and what I can do to help you meet — and exceed — your goals.


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