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I’m Holly Hickman, a veteran national science, space, health, food and wellness reporter. I’ve interviewed Apollo astronauts, top-level economists from the OECD, scientists on the cutting edge of brain mapping, leading public health experts, and some downright inspiring farmers and chefs.

I’m an expert at translating complex ideas for the general public. I’m also skilled at tailoring the tone and voice of a piece to suit the audience, whether those readers be Economist subscribers, silver investors, data geeks, or moms looking for healthy food.

I’m a former national radio correspondent, Associated Press newswoman and TV news writer.

My work has been published by The Washington Post, The Economist Group, Latina Magazine, Fox News, and a host of other major media groups. Smaller ones, too. Getting great ideas out there makes me happy, no matter the venue.

In recent years, I’ve been teasing out skills in marketing, creating successful multimedia projects for private clients. I holds two degree from Columbia University and can write anything from highly technical white papers to recipes, and my video team includes a gifted animator. In short, my work means business.

Why work with Holly Hickman?

Because I solve problems and communicate solutions.

That’s why Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords offered me a job as her Tucson-based communications director for her 2008 re-election campaign (a post I reluctantly had to turn down).

Because I’m dogged, detailed and disciplined.

That’s why Fox News Radio made me a national radio correspondent… and, after I relentlessly campaigned to create and lead a science beat, also assigned me NASA, a post which had scared off more than one data-phobic reporter.

Because I’m both data-driven and creative. I don’t paint by numbers… I paint with numbers. And I make the product detailed, pretty and accessible.

That’s why The Economist Group has assigned me dozens of projects, ranging from highly technical QnAs and infographics (text only) to Master Class slideshows, interviews with thought leaders, and video scripts.

And because I’m committed to helping you meet the objectives of your project.

That’s why a passel of small businesses and non-profits — plus at least one instantly recognizable multinational corporation — all have contracted my team to bring in audiences, sales, and conversions. The client roster ranges from the hospitality industry to economics and finance publications.


A lifelong storyteller and communicator with a nimble mind, I quickly metabolize highly technical, complicated concepts and translate them for the general public. I do this wielding a pen, a microphone, a camera, or other sundry media tool.

I try to learn something from most everyone I meet.

My education spans three continents, two degrees from Columbia University, four distinctly different gardens, a year of sharp-elbowed political campaigns, and, perhaps most illuminatingly, two encounters with Chuck Norris… whose force field can indeed bend a cell phone tower in half.

I went into reporting because I love getting paid to learn and to craft compelling stories that contextualize that information for others. It’s endlessly fun.

I also like helping people with integrity make money. Call it doing well by doing good. My company, Jefferson Media, harnesses animation, words and PR to turbocharge performance and sales for select clients via:

  • dynamic copy
  • research-and-data-driven consultations
  • eMarketing blitzes
  • animated video & world-class photography
  • press releases and social media campaigns
  • and more…

If you have a project you’d like to discuss, please contact me at holly at jefferson media dot com, or by clicking the footer below.

Very best regards,




* The space agency’s leader at the time, the intimidating genius Michael Griffin, literally wrote the book on how to build a space shuttle. After patiently going over (and over) a particularly nuanced concept with a reporter, he finally gave up on the ill-prepared correspondent, announcing, “I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you.”

Translation: Do your homework, or get out.

I did my homework. Hours and hours of it, every night.

Over the years, I impressed Mr. Griffin and others at NASA with my commitment, as evidenced by my questions. After he left the space agency, Mr. Griffin wrote to me on my wedding day, congratulating me… and urging me to get back to covering space. Huge compliment.

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